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Our goal is to build awareness of the great potential of startups among decision–makers, politicians and local government officials.

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Startups are the essence of Polish entrepreneurship, diligence, independence and resourcefulness in the 21st century. Our success is a mixture of creative, unique ideas and the use of high-tech. We are persuaded that in this way we can create the future of the Polish economy.

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We are a group of innovative entrepreneurs. Many of us have created companies from scratch that have achieved success in Poland and abroad.
We are lawyers, academics and investors. Together we believe that Polish startups are the engine of growth for the Polish economy.

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  • Advisory Board
  • Eliza Kruczkowska CEO
  • Marta Pawlak Dyrektor ds. Prawnych
  • Karolina Królicka
  • Magdalena Beauchamp Researcher | EU Policy Analyst
  • Andrzej Targosz Bitspiration
  • Anna Walkowska Homplex
  • Benjamin Kuna CUSTOM
  • Borys Musielak Reaktor
  • Jasiek Stasz Showroom
  • Konrad Latkowski Startup Weekend Warsaw
  • Maciej Jankowski Netcamp
  • Michał Juda Showroom
  • Paweł Harajda Olcamp
  • Piotr Wilam
  • Sara Koślińska CEE Changers
  • Tomasz Snażyk Cytowski LLC
  • Anna Giza-Poleszczuk Uniwersytet Warszawski
  • Adam Jesionkiewicz ifinity
  • Agnieszka Skala SPIN, Politechnika Warszawska
  • Bartek Gola SpeedUp Group
  • Marcin Zabielski Hedgehog Fund
  • Krystian Ochęcki CEC Government Relations
  • Richard Lucas Anioł Biznesu
  • Kamila Sidor Geek Girls Carrots
  • Artur Kurasiński Aula Polska

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The document is the work of the community of Polish startups - young and experienced entrepreneurs, investors, technology park representatives and local startup activists - united to speak with a single voice.

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