Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy. Dom Innowacji Społecznych.

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Dreamers and Craftsmen. House of social innovations is a place where innovations can appear, grow and mature in favourable conditions. This is the reason why almost half of 3rd floor’s space in an over 100-year-old building is dedicated to the coworking space. Although we cannot promise you that by working in our space your life will change, we are sure that it will help you to spread your wings. Our space which merges modernity with old architecture will stimulate your creativity.
In our coworking space, there are people working in various professions and they have different worldviews. We deeply believe that cooperation between users of our coworking space will motivate all of us to our self-development. Our dream is to cooperate, inspire each other and make world (around us) better.

For a long time we have dreamt about creating a place in Warsaw dedicated to social innovations. A place where innovations can appear, grow and mature in favourable conditions. This is the idea behind the Dreamers and Craftsmen. House of social innovations. As far as we know it is the first place dedicated solely to this aim in the city Warsaw (if not in whole Poland), which makes it quite difficult to explain the exact nature of this endeavour by means of simple analogies.
We have been dreaming about a meeting place for people who want to search for solutions to various social challenges that multiply around us - and support one another in this process. We want to focus especially on the challenges that are crucial for the city - the city as such, but particularly for Warsaw. For many of the current challenges the old ideas do not work anymore. Increasingly often they cannot be solved by referring solely to expert suggestions, the invisible hand of the market or administrative actions. Our experience tells us that in order to stand up to them it is worth reaching for ideas coming directly from those touched by the challenges, and making use of the energy and resources of the enthusiasts who want to support them. We want to offer them space, advice and support in the first steps of their actions. But most of all we want to help sustain their faith that their intuitions and dreams can come true.
Our own dreams are just beginning to materialize thanks to the invitation to co-host the space of the 3rd floor of the Jabłkowski Brothers Department Store in the very centre of Warsaw – a grand gesture of the owners of the building. It would be very difficult to imagine a better address for our endeavour. The location, charm and tradition of this place provide us with great opportunities, but also constitute a serious obligation. We are extremely lucky to be trusted with this space pervaded with the best traditions of entrepreneurship, dedication to public affairs and patriotism.
We believe that we can use this place to support practical, meaningful ideas and initiatives related to real social challenges. Innovations constitute our means, not an aim in itself. That is why we want to avoid the reefs of turning complacent about our own "creativity" measured in the number of ideas instead of the number of actual solutions that we manage to bring to life. We are convinced that true wisdom, prudence and character, and finally the ability to face the challenges come from the right proportions of courage and humility, dreams and realism, stumbling and getting up again. We are determined to look for such creative balance together with those who will decide to work in this place. We intend to stay open to the ideas of other individuals and institutions. We will concentrate our energy on animating this place and supporting its users so that the solutions born here would be fresh, useful and feasible.

We want this space to be open to everyone who might like to come in off the street, out of pure curiosity - and maybe eventually stay longer. A part of it will be dedicated to the daily individual and group work of the members of the club or collective of innovators. For some - it will be a stopover on their way to work. Others might appreciate the opportunity to focus on developing their ideas aimed at improving our lives or the occasion to – both literally and figuratively – meet at the big kitchen table and exchange knowledge and ideas. Sometimes this place will be loud as a market square and sometimes quiet as a library.
We will help here the potential innovators formulate and develop their ideas and assist them in turning those ideas into prototypes and eventually fully-fledged, workable and independent solutions. We will also make sure nobody takes too long in here – and that self-reliant innovators move forward and vacate place for their successors. We hope that soon dozens of people will use this place, and that hundreds will do so in the future.
We invite people from various milieus to co-create this space with us. Collaboration is sensible only if partners can recognize each other’s competencies and free themselves from the "cage" of stereotypes so often hindering administration officers, researchers, entrepreneurs and activists in attempts to come and work together. The culture of mutual respect shall be one of the pillars on which we will strive to build Dreamers and Craftsmen.
Our plans for this place are related to our broader understanding of the city and its arrangements. We dream of a lively, organic and learning city that serves its residents and derives its strength from their energy, imagination and ability to collaborate. Such a city should build its potential not only on its location, being the capital, technical infrastructure or wealth, but also on the well-understood creativity of its inhabitants. We are creating this place with them in mind.
We feel uplifted that we are not alone in this way of thinking about the city and its people. We are happy to become a part of the wider network of Warsaw-based initiatives fuelled by similar energy. We hope to be able to count on their support and reciprocate it with all our abilities.
We do not know yet ourselves all the details of the place that we are launching. Nevertheless, we are determined and we cannot wait to plunge ourselves into this endeavour and to think out the rest of it on the way - together with those who will decide to join in. The fact that our plan is not complete yet results not only from the limitations we acknowledge, but largely from the choice we made to open up to the ideas of others. This way we will be ourselves the subjects of the incubation experiment, hoping it will teach us how to support others even better.

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