Gdańsk, Warsaw and Poznan are going to elaborate standard of supporting new technologies in the cities

30 June 2015

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During this year Res Publica Festival, was held the debate about the possibility of the Chief Technology Officer in local governments of polish cities. The vicepresident of Gdańsk Piotr Grzelak, vicepresident of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski, Startup Poznań coordinator Piotr Danielewicz and Eliza Kruczkowska, the CEO of Startup Poland were talking about the need to build pro-enterprising policy.

CTO panel Startup Poland

(c) ResPublika  from the left: Piotr Danielewicz, Eliza Kruczkowska, Piotr Grzelak, Michał Olszewski

Rising this post is one of the postulates of Fundation Startup Poland included in announced on the beginning of year 2015  Manifesto.

  • We can see the need to raise the post Chief Technology Officer (CTO) by local governments in Poland. We want some people to be appointed to contact with startup society. They would be intermediaries between the world of business and the world of administration – said Eliza Kruczkowska.

Supporting entrepreneurship in the context of innovative companies became one of the main tasks of administrative authorities on the local and central level. Stimulating the economic growth is connected with specific benefits. Profits associated with well-developed business ecosystems in local society are primarily bigger revenues from income taxes because of growing amount of companies.

  • Dialogue is the part of supporting the idea of entrepreneurship growth and new technologies in the city, stimulating the cooperation between startups and public sector, business environment and universities – said vicepresident of Gdańsk, Piotr Grzelak.

CTO would be the contact point for startups in offices, the link between the specific city and local entrepreneurs society. His role will be choosing and adoption new technologies, and in consequence the development of innovation in the cities.

CTO Startup POland Res Publika

(c) ResPublika

  • We already have our CTO, Tomasz Nadalny, president’s procurator for innovations in Gdańsk – added Grzelak.

Modern city must be managed by administration understanding the changing world of technology. Opening data, supporting tech companies and using technology to develop local communities are new tasks for local governments. Up to 2020 in EU 3% of members countries’ GDP is going to be connected with re-using open data. Warsaw shared data by portal Danepowarszawsku, Gdańsk by Otwarty Gdańsk and Poznań at the special adress

Data can be useful for citizens and groups of citizens (ex. organized in Council Estates, Associations, NGO…), developers of web pages, mobile applications, new e-commerce services and Small and Medium Companies Sectors as the incentive to use resources in building their business proposal for citizens.

During the debate appeared the issue of smart city, which should build the infrastructure improving the life standard of citizens. Poznań City has noticed that problem and co-hosted Startup Weekend Smartcity 2 weeks ago, looking for ideas of applications for its citizen. It also organize annually Startup Poznań. In 2013 in trams and buses appeared posters with QR code enabling to download audiobooks for free. This action, prepared by MPK and wasn’t the first example of cooperation between public transport and startup. MPK launched the similar action before with portal, when people could download audiobook on mobile devices.

  • We started the realization of Startup Poznań project from learning what are needs of local startup environment, after study by could frame the main goals, which we are concentrating on right now – said Piotr Danielewicz.

CTO panel Startup Poland Poznań

(c) ResPublika

Warsaw, thanks to the application on smartfons Virtual Warsaw, owes the last year award in Mayors Challenge competition organized by former New York mayor’s, Michael Bloomberg foundation.

  • We can already see, that CTO project has to legs – creating the policy of entrepreneurship support and city development strategy – added vice-president of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski – We’ve been analyzing it in our city and we see, that this 2 functions should be separated.

As the next steps in the CTO projects, Startup Poland Foundation is going to conduct survey among startup society in every city, analized if local companies cooperate with offices and what are needs in terms of local government’s support, etc.

  • We also want to participate in work on preparing the range of competences, project trainings for officials and mediate in contacts with local startup environment – added Kruczkowska at the end.

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