How does the startup ecosystem look in the Netherlands?

24 June 2015

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One of the speakers on this year Bitspiration festival was Sigrid Johannisse, the director of dutch organization Startup Delta. The mission of this initiative is to create area to cooperation of the whole startup environment in Netherlands – connecting the government institutions and the private sector, startups, investment funds, and other institutions into the biggest and best working startup ecosystem.

Startup Delta

According to Sigrid, what makes the Netherlands the perfect country to set up the startup is great technological development. Thanks to the strong position in IT advancement and technics (for example nanoelectronics) and creativity in adapting technology (like combining food industry with IT), Netherlands has the amazing potential to create the original and modern startups. The entrepreneurship friendly fiscal environment is also very important – the government is aware, that due to the dynamic changes on European startup scene, the legal system must be constantly modified and improved. The cooperation with government, but also with financial world and dutch education system is one of the main Startup Delta’s tasks on the way to create the new quality startup ecosystem.

The next goal of Startup Delta is the greatest integration of over 10 dutch innovative hubs, creating clear and transparent information for beginner startups and one network platform, with the ability to exchange ideas, getting the support and making the best conditions for growth. This one portal connects startuppers, investors, VC funds and accelerators from the whole country. It will make the access to the information easier and let strengthen the cooperation between all institutions. Thanks to combining capital, talent and network, Netherland has the chance to create one of the most powerful and most promising startup ecosystem in the world. Very important is also creating impact on the environment, taking some education actions and constant development of human and technological capital.

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Sigrid optimistic speaks her mind about startup environment in Poland. She thinks, that Poland has potential and required capital to make the huge step forward in developing its own startup ecosystem. We should try to build more transparent and friendly legal system, educate and make impact on perception of startups in our country.

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