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3DKreator LTD is a well known 3D printer manufacturer from Krakow/Poland.

3DKreator Ltd. is a recognized Polish producer of award-winning 3D printer Kreator Motion. It is dedicated to SOHO/SME sector, including STEM and educational sector, designers, architects & rapid prototyping companies. As a producer we focus on B2B sector.

Recognized & Awarded. Since the launch of Kreator Motion 3D printer we have gained the trust of individual and professional users by receiving numerous honors and awards for innovative products, such as the latest Top Design Award 2016 in Industry category. Sales Expansion. 2. Generation of Kreator Motion 3D printer had its market premiere in September 2015 at the EUROMOLD trade show in Düsseldorf. Since our 3D printer has been receiving lots of positive feedback & reviews from around the world, currently we are in the process of quick expansion of our international distributors’ network.

What makes us different from the other 3D printer producers? Chosen Kreator Motion 3D features:

- Plug&Print environment. Kreator Motion is a simple and intuitive device that doesn’t require technically complicated commands. Our printer uses open-source software with special ly predefined filament programmes for almost all of the FDM/FFF materials available on market.

- Multimaterial printing. ABS, PLA, Laywood, Ninja flex, copperFill, bronzeFill, PET-g, Laybrick, Conductive Materials (e.g. Poliamid with carbon nanotubes), Nylon (perfect for aerospace industry), Rubber, and many many more. We are not closing for third party filaments and clients don't loose their warranty.Please Click on following Video Link - https://mega.nz/#F!H4EXQYrA!AfVHBXJsvUCNgFu4XxEduQ

- Highest quality components. Kreator Motion is built with components from renowned producers: Sanyo Denki, Hiwin, Igus. It ensures us no servicing issues after the shipment is done and guarantees our clients truly user-friendly experience.

- Perforated heating bed and automatic bed leveling. Setting up & printing made easy, even with retractile materials. - Filament sensor. In case the filament runs out, Kreator Motion will pause the printing process and let you continue it after new spool of material has been installed.

- Closed construction means Safety. Thanks to printer’s closed construction hot or moving components are not accessible while printing process. This feature is especially appreciated within Educational industry.

- Officially supported by the Simplify3D software! We offer not only Cura software profiles, but also, as a premium option our clients can order directly and work with one of the best slicers out there: Simplify3D!

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