Active Propulsion Laboratory


Based on a commercial laboratory established in order to implement the automotive industry and the energy sector of new technologies.

ACTIVE PROPULSION LABORATORY jest opartym na zasadach komercyjnych laboratorium założonym w celu wdrożenia do przemysłu motoryzacyjnego i energetyki nowych technologii.

ACTIVE Propulsion Laboratory is based on a commercial basis, self-organizing laboratory of the structure is not hierarchical, established to implement the automotive industry and the energy of the active drive technology APS or AA (from active status Antriebstechnik). The technology is activated based on the use of the drive asymmetry impact materials electronically usztywnianych ahead and ways of obtaining energy from renewable sources and technologies based on combustion - the combustion of nuclear fuel, inclusive. The purpose of the company is the construction of prototypes and optimization of design solutions electric power generator Class AA with a capacity of 1 [kW] to 10 [MW], the sale of licenses for the production of generators on the Polish market and abroad, technical advice when buying licenses and supervising the correct use of license by the buyers.


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