Personalized platform to learn Asian languages online

Alef-Bet is a personalized online platform for teaching some Asian languages (Middle and Far East), integrates the latest technological solutions in IT education, including among other things, learning management system, and machine learning.

Self-study materials will be available 24 hours a day in a mobile version and a Web. In addition, the student will have the opportunity to participate in synchronized tutoring lessons 1: 1 with teachers (educators) coming from the Middle and Far East.
The integrated platform will set the individual path of learning for every student through individual choice of material for self-study. Such a program will be continuously diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the student, his profile and adjust the material and the process of teaching to their needs. In this way, each student will be groomed as an individual learning path and provided the conditions to stimulate language learning regardless of time of day and the whereabouts of the student.
With personalized materials for self-study in the form of ready-made courses at different levels and individual lessons tutoring with a qualified teacher, constantly monitoring the progress of science, each student will be marked out a unique path that allows learning the language according to their own predispositions language, interests and individual goals . This will increase student engagement in the learning process, diagnosed at each stage of learning strengths and weaknesses of the student and precise selection of teaching materials. As a result, it will affect the growth of efficiency of exchange, ie. The achievement of goals in a relatively shorter period of time. Personalized learning mode will cover the whole process of teaching - from individual lessons with your own tutor after teaching materials for self-study.