price comparison

An intelligent shopping platform is a purchasing platform created in 2017 by the Polish company Paxton Intelligence sp. O.o. Our goal is to support everyday consumer decisions by providing users of the e-commerce market with solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, AI).

A unique e-commerce concept designed and implemented by Paxton Intelligence under the name, as the first in the world solves the growing problem of e-consumers related to the laboriousness of comparing prices of everyday products. It is safe to say that is a price comparison 2.0, where the mathematical algorithms do all the work for the user, offering the optimal solution.

The shopping platform offers e-consumers unique functionality of comparing the shopping basket in many online stores at the same time, taking into account the location and purchase preferences of the user. In addition, we do it within 3 seconds, offering the cheapest offer and limiting the number of deliveries to a minimum. However, this is not all. users can place and pay for orders directly on the platform. Payments are made only once, no matter how many stores the order comes from.


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