ATmatix - chart patterns

ATmatix is an application that aids stock traders in making decisions about buying or selling shares and other financial instruments on the Warsaw Stock Exchange market.

ATmatix automatically detects and tracks the most popular technical analysis price chart patterns, such as double bottoms and tops, triangles, wedges, channels, flags and more, as well as trend lines and support/resistance levels.

Our algorithms determine breakout levels (support and resistance levels within a given pattern), as well as calculate the target price range of expected post-breakout price movement with their estimated probability, which is our unique feature.

ATmatix informs about price closing to the level of the breakout, the breakout itself, or reaching the target price. Our users are notified about the most important pattern events, via email alerts. Breakout detection is based on end-of-day data closing prices and updated every day after the stock market trading session ends.

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