You sign on the Internet

Autenti - a platform for authentication of documents and conclusion of agreements on the Internet.

With Autenti get quick and convenient access to contracts and dozens of other documents, which you can sign in anywhere, anytime. Your data is encrypted and confidential. The contracts are binding. The service is tailored to the European law and best business practices. With Autenti most commonly used by companies - representatives of organizations of any size, including board members, representatives of the departments of trade, purchases of legal, financial or personal.

Autenti simplifies and reduces to a minimum the process of signing documents and reduces the costs associated with the preparation and transmission of traditional methods - by mail or courier. The platform provides an automated workflow with companies with which you work, as well as within the organization, which alone represent. Using a free personal account, you can use Autenti also for private purposes.

This first of its kind in Poland and one of few in Europe.

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