Aye Aye Labs

3d printing

manufacturer of ultra-fast HotRod Henry 3D printers known worldwide for their unique design, quality and multi-material capabilities

Established late 2014, aye aye labs is a Polish startup producing filament 3D printers (FFF). The flagship model, HotRod Henry is world-known for its unique looks, appreciated by experts on major 3D printing fair trade events. Patented vintage design of the printers reminds the beauty of the '50's and '60's American hotrod cars. HotRod Henry Supercharged is an evloution model revealed in 2015 and lives up to its name by being among the fastest filament printers out there. Thanks to advanced electronics and patented motion algorithms its parameters exceed those of any other device dedicated for prosumers. When it comes to precision, its layer resolution of 50 microns rank HotRod Henry Supercharged in the top tier. One of its key features is the fact, that it can print with any thermoplastic material available, including high temperature polymers and carbon fiber reinforced polyamides.


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