The first application for booking sport fields in Poland.

BallSquad is a cloud based SaaS for sport facilities management and an All-In-One application acting as a marketplace between the owners of sport facilities and sport enthusiasts. Users can find and book sport fields, while also creating sport events and gather players in their area.

BallSquad application gives to users the ability to book all types of sport facilities and create sport events in a smooth and safe manner.
Sport facility owners can, through BallSquad, transit from their outdated booking methods (pen&paper) to an easy online system. Providing them the opportunity to offer their field availabilities to a wider online audience, increasing their potential revenue.

Our Startup was born out of the desire to promote Sports and democratize the access to sport facilities in Poland before to reach out to other CEE markets.
Our objective is to efficiently transform the current “pen&paper” booking form to an online safe and accessible system for all.