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Born Electric is creating electric drive with innovative control system powered by multipurpose battery. BE Plug&Drive System is a modular solution for replacement internal combustion engine at light utility vehicles.

Born Electric is designing and building electric drives, energy supply and control system. BE Plug&Drive System is a modular system capable of replacing internal combustion engine in light vehicles, machines or platforms. System is being tested among electric leisure and racing karts. We are already working on system development in order to implement it into broad range of appliances.
Considering karting market, we are ready to install BE Plug&Drive in different kart frames and chassis. Superior advantage of our product is significant reduction of maintenance costs. Comparing to other electric karts on the market, our system has lower entering costs.

System is modular and scalable. We may adjust our offer to the client need in terms of battery capacity, motor power or additional features. Moreover we are offering leasing option for entering cost reduction for small business.
Our young team of engineers has already gained knowledge at the projects of building solar racing cars or super-efficient vehicles. Those project were successful at competitions and races around the world. We strongly believe that this experience will lead us straight into future of mobility – e-mobility.


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