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Botomatiq let's save money investing into customer service department, increase efficiency of persons working there and shorten the response time to customer inquiries. This platform let's you create and manage chatbot by your own without any programming knowledge. It's dedicated to companies, which have expanded customer service department, which comes a lot of inquiries from customers every day.

Botomatiq platform is one in many ways. First of all, there is no division on geographical location nor used language. Chatbot will react on keywords in language which you use to prepare it and it'll provide answers in language which you choose to write it down. The solution is not dedicated also to specific industry. Advanced level and type of knowledge base which bot will use, depends only on company actions, which is using it.
The greatest benefit coming from implementation chatbot into company's structure is money saving. Each customer service department empleyee has it's own litmis, it means that the more inquiries company is receiving, the more employees it has to hire to keep short response time. Chatbot doesn't have limits, it can support unlimited amount of users at the same time, providing answers on the most frequently asked questions. Thanks to that operators are relieved and can focus on real customers' problems which requires human interference.
Chatbot is also a great place to gain and categorize leads, which can be moved to sales department. System is monitoring every asked question which helps analyze real customers' needs, watching questions, also these ones which didn't reach answer, this can be a clear signal for expand information range and match services to customers' expectations.
Bot can be also used to suggest the best products or services, fixing the most popular issues or initiate conversation.


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