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3d printing

design, 3D, 3D design, automotive, furniture, electronics, cars, 3D modeling, rendering, 3D modeling

BRESHKE DESIGN Sp. z o. o. to biuro projektowe specjalizujące się w usługach wzornictwa przemysłowego. Spółka powstała w 2015 roku lecz jej głównym designerem jest od lat znany na świecie - designer Paul Breshke.
BRESHKE DESIGN Sp. z o. o. is a design office specializing in services of industrial design. The company was established in 2015 but its chief designer, has for years been known in the world - designer Paul Breshke.
We have market research, detailed data about customer preferences - gathered in the research focus. We are completely open to your ideas of cooperation, and our offer remains flexible. We are happy we refer to and adapt to your suggestions.


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