Ski and snowboard rentals online. Rent equipment chosen especially for you. Cheaper.

Finally you can rent skis and snowboard online. CandyRent allows you to rent your winter equipment much faster and cheaper!

Do you plan to go to Polish mountains and you don’t want to buy new skis or snowboards? You will love CandyRent - platform where you will find many rental offers in one place.

CandyRent’s creators are four programmers and fans of winter sports. Platform was created due to impatience. Kuba, one of the co-founders of CandyRent after couple years of break went skiing to Polish mountains. He wanted to avoid buying equipment, so he searched for rental place in Google. Most of the results were poorly designed and they lacked basic functionalities. He couldn’t rent skis online, so there was only one option left, just go to mountains and find something there. When he got there, he was surprised that most of the rentals were offering equipment and service of very high quality, and there is no way to know about it before. So he decided to create a platform, where everyone can rent perfect skis or snowboard in good price, only in the best rentals.

CandyRent’s aim is to meet requirements of fans of winter sports, who value time and comfort. To chose skis or snowboard you don’t have to be in the mountains - based on few basic informations about your skills and style, rental will chose equipment perfectly matching those criterias. Rentals that are working with CandyRent offer equipment of quality that is beyond amateur class. When you buy skis for 800 zł you can think that you saved money, but you can spend 200 zł for renting high quality skis that are worth 2500 zł on the market and will give you much better experience during your trip. Without big investment you can ski on world class skis and now you can also rent it online. These two factors should convince every fan of winter sports - says Przemysław Bujok, the owner of wypożyczalni Wintergroup Nowa Osada w Wiśle.

CandyRent is getting more popular and user friendly option for renting. Online equipment renting is the future of sports and travel - soon we will be doing it more often and often. What is interesting, people doesn’t know how many additional services are available in rentals. CandyRent will tell you if for example you can leave your equipment for a night, use free transfer from rental to mountain resort or if you can chose other type of equipment if you don’t like the current one.

New platform for fans of winter sports is also a benefit for rentals. 73% of Polish people going for skiing or snowboarding is choosing Polish mountains, from which more than 60% who plan to rent an equipment is checking if they can do it online. CandyRent is providing rentals with more clients, free page on the internet and additional profit. Winter is coming - if you are the owner of rental or you plan to spend your vacation in polish mountains and you don’t have equipment - checkout CandyRent.


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