Cat in your pocket

Android application that helps to find your phone.

"Cat in Phone" is application based on Speech Recognition module of CMUPhinx.
It allows you Not to use internet connection and to work as offline application.

Even the phone is in awaiting mode CatInPhone will answer you if you call him. This function is very usefull. For example, if you cannot find your phone at home and you have no second one or network is down - just name your Cat and he will answer you.

His name is 'KATAFON' (k[a]t[a]f['o]n). It's possible to pet him. If you'll forget about your Cat he'll let you know.
CatInPhone does not like when you are far and you are trying to call him. He is a cat - he likes to sleep. You have to be more persistent while calling your Cat.

Technical information:
- speech recognition module is integrated;
- key phrase is 'KATAFON' (k[a]t[a]f['o]n);
- cat answers you with max volume only on speech recognition module;
- touch him slowly and he will do 'puur' sound;
- do it fast and he will tell you about it;
- application must be run if you want to use it in awaiting mode;
- if application is running and you do not touch him he may remember about himself;

Please, visit official web page to get more info about #CatInPhone.


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