Cervi Robotics

aviation / aerospace

Robotics. UAV. Internet of Things. Rapid prototyping and cloud integration for your business.

Cervi Robotics is a consulting and rapid prototyping with a focus on robotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the internet of Things. Our main competitive advantage is a people. We hire only the finalists on national and international tech competitions. Out of the box thinking is a daily routine for us. We help our clients to find cheap and effective solutions built up for scaling.

We can help our clients with:
- Research & Development outsourcing
- Rapid hardware prototyping and dedicated software development
- Software development for robotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the Internet of Things
- Cloud integration
- Low volume & mass production

When you ask us to deliver the project we gather requirements with you. We create schedule together making sure everything is delivered on time. After week of development we can already present you first results. Since business is constantly changing, at any time you can ask us to change course of the project. We are used to changing requirements so we found a way of development that will not block your business.
We make our projects using Agile SCRUM methods. So not only we can significantly reduce project price but also we make sure that project is maintainable and improves your business.

We help our client on every stage, from the idea to mass volume production.
- Idea
- Proof of Concept
- Functional Prototype
- Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
- Certification, Manufacturing, Assembling, Testing & Shipping

We use a hardware and software stack dedicated to the problem we solve. Our team members are the finalists of national and international robotics competitions, so we always solve the problems out of the box and as easy as possible. We can help you with any type of ground and aerial robot, IoT device or cloud integration for your device.


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