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We create patient-specific solutions for surgery

We offer comprehensive, personalized solutions for cranio-maxillo-facial, orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery.

Patient-specific solutions offer benefits over traditional methods which include increased reconstruction accuracy, less post-operative complications and decreased intraoperative time. These factors have impact on enhancement patient’s safety and decreased hospitalisation costs.

Our patient-specific solutions are:

psModel - Anatomical models
Patient-specific models are used by a surgeon for pre-operative planning. Each anatomical model is based on tomography scans (CT/MRI) and reflects the real patient’s anatomy. The graspable model allows to carry out test surgery, during which the physician can accurately train all cuts on the model, try surgical instruments and plan in details subsequent procedures.

Anatomcal models

psGuide - Surgical guides
One-time use surgical guides let precise handling of surgical instruments at a certain angle and in a certain place during a surgery when a precise cutting is needed. Each guide is manufactured based on patient’s tomography scans and guidelines from the surgeon.

Surgical guides

psImplant - Patient-specfic implants
Patient-specific implants are made to perfectly match an individual’s anatomy. Implants are designed based on patient’s tomography scans. They are used to repair a range of bone structures due to their precise adaption to region of implantation. Personalised implants are manufactured from biocompatiblematerials.

Patient-specific implants

Our team has 10 years of experience in modeling, 3D visualization medical data which was confirmed during international projects.
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