Start using your shoes in more comfortable and quicker way –™ together with Your old shoe laces will change tying your shoes in a simple and quick “click”. Tying shoes, putting them on while destroying an insole and unesthetic knots…Sounds familiar? Now you can forget about all the struggles!™ will refresh the look of your shoes in the blink of an eye!™ was designed to combine a great power of magnets with small sizes. Forget about unesthetic knots and untied laces. Our magnetic buckles guarantee the comfort during daily and physical activities. A simple click is enough to put shoes on. To take shoes off, hold the back of a shoe and energetically raise your feet. Small things will make your life easier! Express yourself and choose™!™ are based on the strongest neodymium magnets available at the market which are fastened extremely tight that are adequate for most physical activities. The case of™ was made of a solid and permanent material that will last for many clicks. Neodymium magnets are almost impossible to separate when you are trying to do this in the direction of magnetic force. But, if you break them in a proper way, the power abates. This is how you take your shoes off – hold the back of a shoe and energetically raise your feet.


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