Contactis Group


Connecting humans and machines - naturally

Contactis Group is a little bundle of amazing, interrelated tech companies doing some really exciting stuff in the field of human-human and human-machine communication.

We’re currently working on:

- Ratel ( – an intelligent, omnichannel, context-driven B2C communication platform – including our own multichannel, AI-empowered messaging app for seamless interactions between users and businesses (that can also be used for private conversations between non-business users);

- Lekta ( – a Natural Language Processing Framework for dialogue interfaces (AI-based stuff, like virtual assistants, bots, voice control, voice-user interfaces, conversational search, conversational business intelligence, and more);

- Profitelo ( – a pay-per-minute knowledge-sharing marketplace that helps all internet users to monetize their knowledge (in any area of expertise) in video, voice and text channels, supported by machine learning and NLP to always match a user's search query to just the right expert.


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