GastroView, AI, Deep Learning, AR, VR

CTAdventure is a software house (founded in 2013), which provides you with a possibility to hang out with the artificial intelligence and roam through augmented and virtual reality. Our offer includes research projects that are realized in cooperation with the largest national and foreign research facilities. CTAdventure is the pioneer in the field of Augmented Reality. The winner of numerous awards in international competitions, Professor Why™ Chemistry takes you beyond the boundaries of innovation so you can learn more and discover the fascinating world of science. CTAdventure flagship project - GastroView is a tool supporting medical diagnosis in a region of small intestine, in medical examination, with usage of endoscopic capsule. Developed by CTAdventure, new technology of analysis and image processing, is intended to increase accuracy and decrease the time of diagnosis of lesions. Task of the program is analysis - frame by frame - of recording registered by camera, which is set in wireless endoscope and in effect carrying out:
– automatic detection and counting of lesions (bleeding (active and inactive), ulceration, neoplastic lesions and other abnormal conditions);
– mapping of digestive tract;
– archiving images of recognized lesions;


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