Make sleep your source of power, Nightly

Nightly is a team of scientists, artists and entrepreneurs working with a mission to help people sleep better and more effectively. Cause we all know that after a good night's rest we're healthier, more productive and happier.

After 3 years of research and experiments in a sleep lab as well as cooperation with sleep medicine experts, neuropsychologists, audiovisual researchers, we've found a way to improve sleep quality with active sleep stimulation. To make it accessible to the wide public we've developed the Nightly app - the world’s first app that actively stimulates you during sleep to make your sleep more efficient resulting in happier and healthier you. Nightly helps you fall asleep easily, reduces bad dreams & the number of awakenings during the night and also helps you get up by waking you up in the lightest sleep stage.

Wanna join us on the adventure to make the world sleep better?

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