Healthy Breathing

EcoLife - Healthy Breathing - the world's first social platform for measuring local air quality, both inside and outside buildings with recommendations to take appropriate actions. System to measure - SMOG pollution - PM 10, PM 2.5 - as well as other parameters: VOCs (volatile organic compound), temperature, humidity and air pressure. The results of these measurements are available thorough mobile applications and website to registered users, also are visually communicated through appropriate colour signals on the device. In your immediate vicinity, there is a Mesh network of stations: Indoor IoT device as well as outdoor measurement stations. Thus, the region in which you live is monitored 24/7. Community using social platform can easily check SMOG pollution levels in any part of the city, including indoor & outdoor. Data feedback enables you to issue recommendations concerning the selected activity. For instance, where to jogging or SMOG peak hours in your region, thus minimizing the negative effects of air pollution on your health. We provide Big Data analysis and based on that social and health ‘be aware’ recommendations to the community.

We have built a chain of stations which works to measure air quality including indoor and outdoor smog pollution (PM 2.5 & PM 10). The system consists indoor IoT station – portable small device to measure indoor air quality. Communicates via WiFi to the cloud and reports readings. This device is dedicated to place in the living room, bedroom, baby room or any other room which you can monitor. The second home portable device is a separate small mini temperature and humidity sensor using BLE technology it communicates with indoor IoT station or with smartphone mobile application. Indoor IoT station works as a hub where all readings from your household are collected. Then send via WiFi to the cloud. Mini sensor temperature and humidity can also works independently (without indoor IoT station) to measure only temperature and humidity. It could be placed e.g on the fridge (it is also magnet) or placed on the home facade (to monitor external temperature). Using it you can monitor those parameters in many places of your home or backyard (also in garden). The third and final is external outdoor station to monitor smog pollution in the city. We place one station for 2 -3 square kilometres. It is a chain of stat mesh stations which communicate to the cloud using GSM and WiFi. Under construction is LoRa protocol. Readings from external stations are also send to the cloud. The end user using web client or mobile application (Android or iOS) can have access to sophisticated and complete date of external smog pollution as well as readings from chain indoor stations including public buildings, schools. The system was launched in January 2017 in Poland. Now is rolling out in other EU countries (now in UK). The word premier was on CES 2017 trade fair in Las Vegas (January 2017). Project was recognized as “TOP 10 brands to watch at CES LV 2017”:

and also as “TOP 5 products from the Wearable Technology Show to look out for it in 2017” in category IoT devices.

3. International Design Award (Los Angeles - May 2017): SILVER MEDAL 2017 in category DESIGN FOR SOCIETY
4. European Product Design Award: SILVER MEDAL 2017 in category DESIGN FOR SOCIETY