Elastic Intranet


Ready-to-go intranet for Office 365 and SharePoint

Easy to install and use, ready-to-go intranet for Office 365 and SharePoint 2016, available in SaaS and on-premise model. Elastic Intranet is a completly new approach in building a company’s intranet, simple to install and use set of tools composed in a ready-to-go SharePoint intranet in SaaS and on-premise model, which fills the gap between SharePoint offerings and your company's needs.

Our original blocks-like content management system allows for quick creation of not only perfectly looking pages in consistent design, but also entire enterprise and knowledge areas, like: knowledge bases, resources booking, location maps and many more. All this without need of technical skills or resources for architecture management. Elastic Intranet is available in the Microsoft Office Store, where customer can install fully featured, but still elastic SharePoint-based intranet in just a few clicks without spending months on research and analysis.

Page elements (such as text, photos, galleries, videos, forms) can be added simply by dragging and dropping them into place. All of the over 100 handcrafted and ready to use blocks are made in the same style, and can easily be used in any content, allowing to create hundreds of perfect looking content combinations.

Elastic Intranet is not only a turnkey SharePoint / Office 365 intranet solution containing all the features implemented in a typical intranet deployment. It also allows customers to build completly new custom modules from ready-to-use blocks, without any development or technicall skills. Thanks to that, companies have possibility to constantly envolve employee engagement and internal communication without additional time and costs needed for custom developed features.