ExoLimbs - Mechatronic Solutions for Movement

ExoLimbs is a complete solution that significantly improves the process of rehabilitation of the joints of the lower limbs. It is also a stabilizing device, diagnostic and rehabilitation mobile robot, allowing everyone access to modern rehabilitation.
Problems with joints of the lower limbs and especially the knee, may apply to everyone - both professional athletes, people with disabilities, as well as ordinary people. In the world up to every fourth person is struggling with injury or degeneration of the knee joint. Rehabilitation of the knee joint of patients with trauma or degenerations of neurologic deficits in a process lasting usually from 4 to 12 months. The recovery period is used for a range of medical devices which allow the patient to return to health.
ExoLimbs combines the functionality of three types of medical equipment - orthopedic stabilizer, diagnostic equipment, and robotic rehabilitation, which increases the effectiveness of therapy while reducing costs. The unit has extended functionality in comparison to the currently used rehabilitation equipment. Its additional advantage is the mobility, supporting the movement outside rehabilitation center.
The main social objective of ExoLimbs is to reduce the number of people who can not move independently. The tool increases progress in rehabilitation in the home and eventually - thanks to further work on the project - is to enable users to navigate orthoses ExoLimbs in an urban environment.