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The fastest and simplest website for invoicing and other online accounting documents

Our website allows you to display up to 39 types of accounting documents in 13 languages ​​and 36 currencies. Using the site is very simple and intuitive, even an online layman can handle it. Within a few moments we can create a document and send it directly from the portal to the recipient's email address. We do not need any additional software for this - just a web browser and network access. The portal is responsive, which means that we have access to our documents 24/7 not only through the computer but also the tablet and the phone. A big advantage is that the addressee of the invoice can be downloaded automatically from the GUS database - just enter the NIP or REGON number. Documents stored in Fakturowo.pl may be given different statuses, such as paid, partially paid or unpaid invoices. This ensures that all documentation is properly segregated and easily managed. Issue and storage of documents is completely safe - the level of security is similar to those used in electronic banking.