Small investments make great businesses is an equity crowdfunding platform, which was created to bridge the gap that exists in the market obtaining financing for companies that are at the early stage of development, when their traction is not yet large enough to convince institutional investors to enter the capital. also responds to the needs of investors seeking new methods of investing free cash. So far, investing in companies at an early stage was reserved for large investors, such as business angels, venture capital funds and private equity. It is to these entities guided by the innovative, exciting, forward-looking projects that seek financing for development. At the same time, individual investors, holding significant funds, they were deprived of the opportunity to benefit from investing in growth companies and earn on the growth of their value. What more they did not even have access to them, because there was no way to reach many investors simultaneously. solves the problem, both startups and investors, offering a platform through which the company can reach through a single profile to hundreds of thousands of users interested in this form of investment. Through company may launch a campaign, within which he is able to present key information about the company and the project with the profile of the campaign and provide materials allowing for verification of the company by investors for potential investments and experience of the team.


Currently business model is based on offering the possibility of carrying out an equity crowdfunding campaign for the companies that are at an early stage of development.

The model is based on the commission fee for successfully conducted campaign. Is 5 percent, and is taken at the end of the campaign due to the expiry of the deadline or achieve financial goal. If the company does not collect specific financial goal, then the commission is not charged, and the deposit are returned to investors. plans for 2017 is launch property crowdfunding. The first campaigns are planned for a breakthrough first and second quarter 2017.


The company within a year is planning to operate on Polish territory, while allowing investment by foreign entities and seeking solutions to help foreign companies to use crowdfunding in Poland.
The scope of activities is widely understood investment crowdfunding.


The Company has a private investor and is currently not looking for funding.


The biggest risk in the project is not enough popularized an equity crowdfunding as a form of raising capital, but primarily as a way to invest.

Our goal, in addition to achieving breakeven, is building awareness and creating new trends in the investment market. In FindFunds we strive to encourage private investors to invest in interesting projects in exchange for future participation in profit. Thanks to startups in the phase of early-stage will be able to continue to grow and generate profits for their investors.


Building  among companies, investors and the media, awareness of the potential, which entails an equity crowdfunding, including investments through equity crowdfunding platform.
Creating an area for cooperation between FindFunds and venture capital funds, private equity, authorized advisors, NGO organizations, in order to create a mechanism to support innovative companies.


Conducting active marketing and PR activities, speak at events, mentoring in acceleration programs, cooperation with venture capital funds.


Among the main benefits offered by include:
- range
- validation of the business
- value
- personalized counseling of our team members during the development phase of the campaign, during it and after its completion;
- access to a wide range of recipients (law firms, consulting firm Strategic PR agencies-those, companies, accounting firms, graphic designers, etc.)
- companies verified by the our team
- professionally presented companies from various industries
- simplicity of investments
- speed of transactions
- security of payment


The concept was developed in July 2016., Work began in August 2016., The service was established in October 2016. The website now fully operates, it is now the first campaign, and more are in preparation.


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