Fitqbe is innovative, simply in use, award-winning online platform, where company cultivates meaningful daily habits.

Fitqbe provides employees tools that help them build habits that matter. With its innovative, simply in use, award-winning online platform, the company cultivates meaningful daily habits that help people to thrive at work and across all aspects of life.

Our solution brings unique entertaiment and better quality of life for Employees. Fitqbe improves their overall health, increasing their productivity and commitment to the Company.

FITQBE is created by ambitious people shaped by sport, who are basing on their own experience and the needs arising from market changes. We decided to create an innovative web&mobile platform introducing sport to companies everyday duties.

Our mission is to integrate and motivate employees to lead an active lifestyle through community building, organizing sporting events based on healthy competition or peeling a common goal, and all this in an atmosphere of great fun.

We are confident that the implementation of sports activities in companies is a great way to raise motivation and productivity and reduce the level of fluctuation of staff, sick leave, lack of attachment to the company or job dissatisfaction.


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