The world's first sign language messenger

Our main goal is to create a mobile app for Android, iOS and Watch OS which will enable Deaf people to communicate in a fast and easy way. Beginning with American Sign Language, we're implementing a system of 800 animated signs, produced via programming a special robot which will be able to show approximately 98% of all signs in ASL. Backed by our Deaf-tested messaging UI, Deaf people will be able to send signs in Five App itself, or in Facebook Messenger, with more platforms planned.

We're building the first full sign language messenger. We plan to use it as a platform to support more than just American Sign Language, bringing together Deaf signing individuals across a range of platforms.

The major pain point is simple: to many Deaf people, texting is like a second language. By some measures, up to 80% of Deaf people have difficulties texting. We want to help Deaf people communicate digitally in the language that is most natural for over 70 million of them who sign, and 360 million total with hearing problems.

The current most popular communication alternative for the Deaf is Glide, an app that lets users share short videos easily. We don’t see them as a threat, because we feel our system will provide more convenience: anyone who’s ever sent an IM in their underwear will get the idea.


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