Fontes Sp. z o.o.


We create unique and highly addictive games for various platforms.

We are going to raise funds to expand our studio and establish constant development and releases of Mobile, PC and Consoles games based on our own 3D engine.

We at Fontes (aka Apetrus) are making Mobile/PC games since 2008 and have created own cross-platform technology Fontes Engine, which allows us to create high quality games for all modern platforms in short terms.

▷ Our cross-platform technology Fontes Engine allows us to create high quality 2D/3D games for most modern platforms in short terms with console quality, even for mobile!

▷ Due to the high automation, we can quickly create a prototype of the game and check the viability of the project at the early stage of development.

▷ The modular architecture allows us to customize the engine for any type of game, extend it and fix bugs promptly.

▷ We use the most optimal data formats (WebP, OGG, ETC / PVRTC), as well as have optimized engine for devices with small memory and weak battery. As a result, device's power can be fully used by the game!


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