You visit your favorite Places, and they reciprocate you nice gestures and prizes, all of which are famous

How does it work? It's easy. You have your account Freebee and do not collect points in their Places. You collect them at each visit, scanning on the tablet at the checkout your card Freebee: plastic or app on your phone as you want. To one account, you can use multiple cards. Prizes answer immediately, in a few points. After three visits, two, one. Forget about waiting for months for a boring mug with the store. You come, you scan and you have what you like. What is cool? The awards, which are famous for your site! Your cafe makes the best espresso in the center? You'll get them a gift. In your theater, you know the whole repertoire? Receive an invitation to the rehearsal and explore the theater backstage. Always before work you are buying around the corner the same sandwich? Compose your own turkey, apricots, eggplant, goat cheese ... and name it with your name! You love to spend their evenings at a local bistro? Put your evening playlist, let your music game for all.


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