Energy efficiency of IT Infrastructure

Grinfinity is a company that concentrates on improving energy efficiency of companies, institutions, and homes through the use of smart IT solutions. Its main product is a platform for monitoring and controling computers and other devices with a special focus on energy efficiency issues. Grinfinity helps its customers to analyse their infrastructure, create user profiles, detect anomalies and find solutions that optimise overall efficiency. The list of Grinfinity customers includes large industrial corporations, university campuses, and public administration bodies.

Grinfy is an innovative program that allows you to save energy by desktops and laptops. Reducing energy consumption It is achieved through the intelligent management of computers and monitors the use of algorithms and techniques for adapting infrastructure work to user behavior. The system continually monitors the functioning and at the right time automatically sets the appropriate policies and the available parameters. Management are also subject to computer parts (Eg. Hard disk, CPU) and monitors.


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