Hemp, cannabidil, CBD

HemPoland is a certified producer of the industrial Hemp located in Poland. We offer advisory services and brokerage for the hemp industry managing the whole process, from delivering EU certified seeds, soil preparation and sowing, to harvesting and selling of the crop

As the market leader in hemp production in Poland, HemPoland successfully planted and harvested the crop from more than 350ha of hemp in 2016, located mainly in the delta of Vistula River (the region with best soils and long hemp traditions)

Having the control over end to end process, we can offer a full range of top quality hemp derived products to satisfy the growing demand for hemp and its derivatives

HemPoland focuses on the prodction of natural hemp extracts rich in naturally occuring non-psychoactive cannabinoids- including cannabidiol (CBD), that is very throughly tested by pharmaceutical and food industries due to its potential health benefiting properties

HemPoland is also the producer of food supplements rich in natural non-psychoactive cannabinoids under the brand CannabiGold. Our golden oil contains guaranteed concentration of CBD, confirmed with multiple laboratory tests

All CannabiGold CBD oils are produced with CO2 extraction in our own facility under close supervision of PhD scientists with multi-year experience in innovative extraction methods. Our production site is equipped in cutting-edge, custom-engineered machinery for Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) made specifically for producing Hemp extracts, thanks to which CannabiGold contains not only full spectrum of cannabinoids naturally present in Hemp, but also other natural substances potentially beneficial for your health (e.g., terpenes, flavonoids)


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