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HeyHoWorld.com is a platform for finding and booking accommodation. Thanks to its mode of operation, the service aims to significantly speed up the search for offers.

HeyHoWorld reverses the process of finding accommodations. You do not have to browse hundreds of offers and make dozens of phones. The searcher sends only the specified travel notification - the hosts to which the query is being sent are already returning specific accommodation offers. Finally, we offer a secure payment for your offer. The project is aimed at people who want to significantly accelerate the search and accommodation reservations as well as the hosts who place their offers here - also opening up to the promotion of foreign tourists. The idea is a common search for a solution to the problem of accommodation For a variety of expeditions. The founders and developers of the project are Dominik Jędrzejczyk, Kamil Drozd and Kamil Patyk - they are all related to the IT industry. For the next 2-3 months we plan to acquire about 400 hosts from several key tourist areas of Poland. After building a basic base, we will take care of promotion among those seeking accommodation. Then we will be ready to start trying to raise funds.

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