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HospiCare is a mobile application designed to streamline daily work with patients from home hospices. A useful tool improving communication between medical staff, caregivers and families. Provides all the useful functions and information about a patient available on-line. Improves hospice work and makes it more safe. Reduces real costs and saves time of medical teams.

A child under home hospice care stays at home and needs help 24/7. Caregivers and parents have changing work shifts, medical teams regularly provide them with home visits. To simplify communication between them and to provide permanent access to all the necessary data as well as the information about current health status we are creating HospiCare. The application where every child has its own account with all the data – tests results, medical analysis, daily notes about the service and the child’s current health status. Medical history available on-line gives easier access to monitor the health status and enable communication between people involved in the treatment. Not at hospital but at home.
Thanks to the cooperation with parents, caregivers and hospice staff we can be sure that this tool is created exactly for their needs and suits best the specific work of home hospice and palliative care.
Project has several goals. First, to create a useful tool for the comfort of doctors, parents and caregivers. Second, to reduce costs and save time. With HospiCare the exchange of information is easy and what is the most important – a relevant information reaches the whole team at the same moment in the most effective and fastest way. This feature is invaluable. Third, to integrate home hospices. The idea is to exchange the experiences and organize convenient work places for the parents.


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