food - e-commerce marketplace as an effective, trusted way for business entities on FMCG market to find and transact each other online

HURTUM, a scalable e-commerce digital marketplace, was created to be an effective, trusted way for business entities on FMCG market to find and transact with each other online.

HURTUM is a scalable e-commerce digital marketplace. We are online at since August 2015.

Automatic integrations, an open model based on web interface, widely used EAN/GTIN barcodes and API linked data bases make extremely easy for sellers and buyers to use HURTUM as e-commerce trade channel and allow businesses to participate in data driven economy.

Why: We want to unlock markets and to connect sellers and buyers (manufacturers, wholesalers to shops, businesses, HoReCa) by lowering transaction costs while reducing information asymmetry - to uncover buyers’ demand for more variety in products, prices and quantities ordered.

How: Having a unique vision into the FMCG purchase experience in wholesale purchases process we want to reimagining buyers' experiences through digitalization of processes and interfaces and streamlining purchase process – we want to deliver B2C-like e-commerce experiences in B2B.

As a result: help companies within FMCG industry:
1) to better address new digital challenges – data driven economy
2) to escape the closed loop of current business model
3) to uncover underserved consumers

What makes HURTUM better for users?
- reduce information asymmetry – we provide full set of information for each product and each offer (including prices and minimum order)
- cut fees and layers from intermediaries
- simplify processing of cyclical orders
- lower search costs and save time of users required in offline trade for logistics
- deliver B2C-like e-commerce experiences in B2B
- help companies (sellers) to reach customers directly
- shorten time-to-market for digital initiatives in FMCG companies

Advantages and USPs
Business model for HURTUM is elastic and allow personalization of an offer for each buyer i.e. as a buyer you see offers in your region with your discounts given by each seller.
Products on HURTUM are well catalogued based on EAN/GTIN barcodes (international standard implemented) what enables comparison of price for exactly identical products. Each product is supported by wide set of information including specific data for logistics/storage.
HURTUM is able to provide service for wide range of customers active on FMCG market (palette traders, local wholesale traders) as specific features for wholesale trade were implemented i.e. minimum orders (per quantity and per amount), quantity discounts, individual (per tax ID) discounts.


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