Hyper Poland


We create the first HYPERLOOP in Poland

The aim of our startup is to create technical solutions, conditions, specifications and to describe and implement new technologies that are indispensable for launching in Poland the first line of Hyperloop. It is a new means of transport, basing on the concept of sustainable transport, for moving people or goods at a very high speed. Hyperloop is a combination of a train and a plane. It will travel e.g. from Krakow to Gdansk in 35 minutes at a speed close to the speed of sound. The pod will move in a special pipe where the pressure is reduced to a level as low as at the height of 47 km, thus air resistance will be significantly reduced. The vehicle will move without contact with the ground using magnetic levitation and air bearings. Traveling is now a necessity and an essential part of life and transport models become more complex and individualized. With Hyperloop we can gain what nowadays is the most desirable - time.

The founders of Hyper Poland come from Warsaw University of Technology. The first concept of the Hyperloop vehicle was developed at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering under the supervision of prof. Janusz Piechna and in cooperation with the Wroclaw University of Technology. Hyper Poland got to the second stage of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. In 2016, experts from other industries joined the team and currently more than 50 persons from 4 countries are involved in the project. We also cooperate with domestic and foreign design companies. Our team consisting of specialists of many fields is ready to take the challenge of building a comprehensive Hyperloop infrastructure in Poland.

The Hyperloop idea is becoming increasingly popular and many teams from around the world work on the technology development of this new means of transport. Achievements of Hyper Poland testify to the fact that our team is one of the world leaders. We want Poland to have its own contribution to the creation of the foundations for this new technology, and to be one of the pioneers in the construction of the first Hyperloop passenger line. New technologies necessary for the implementation of the whole system require new ideas and solutions from many fields of science. They can be developed in Poland by Polish enterprises and scientific institutions.

Currently our project consists of:
- Innovative structure of the Hyperloop pod, with separate passenger part - increases system security and reduces the time between departures.
- The concept of the station with advanced systems of automatic movement of pods - using existing elements of automated storage produced by a Polish company.
- Feasibility studies to integrate Hyperloop system with an existing railway infrastructure, which would allow to partially use existing transport infrastructure.
- Tube artery for passenger transport.
- Test track design.
- Pod prototype design.

Currently we also work to:
- Integrate activities of research institutions to carry out technology research (Warsaw University of Technology, Wroclaw University of Technology, Institute of Aviation, WST Katowice, University of Edinburgh)
- Cooperate internationally (Slovakia, Lithuania).


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