IC Project


Project management

IC Project is a cloud-based service that makes it easy to manage a variety of projects in the company. Everything happens in the context of projects, from contractor management through user management to internal messaging and synchronized calendars. Perfect for delegating tasks, reporting work times, and analyzing occupancy and employee productivity.

The IC Project groups all the activities of the company around the project and, thanks to the use of resources, demonstrates the real costs of running the project. The communication module around projects and tasks, along with the mail redirection system, allows you to keep track of your entire activity in the context of your projects so that no important information is lost or omitted. Advanced customer and contractor contact management keeps track of complete information about each of our suppliers or service providers. Posting tasks allows you to get a quick glimpse of your project and assign tasks by date and importance. Restrictive access of a contact person to a project or group of tasks will help to calm the client about the state of the project and will provide a tool for submitting their own comments and adding files. Kanban Worksheets (which as a separate tool are widely used in the automotive and IT industries, for example), where the respective execution states are represented by a status matrix that allows them to quickly see the progress of the work, the amount of work carried out simultaneously, the resources involved, the people responsible for the execution Individual processes in the process, quality assurance arrangements etc, and allows for rapid assessment of labor intensity and resource loading.

The IC Project system will be used in the vast majority of service, construction and assembly companies. At the same time, many of its features predispose it to supporting the production of ITC companies - companies designing and building fiber optic networks, mobile operators, large software companies, etc. The system will optimize all processes involved in offering services to customer groups. It will expand the offer of the company and partners as well as plan and increase the effectiveness of the commercial, logistic, promotion and settlement processes. For example, the recipient himself follows up on his or her status, has changed or is not delayed. Similarly, the supplier, subcontractor or subcontractor will have a quick overview of the resource requirements.

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