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Software available online. We provide a suite of applications that allow you to edit and composition of digital publications.

The company INPINGO provides innovative solutions and provides comprehensive services for companies and institutions that want their publications are available through all popular today distribution channels: Release printed, e-books, mobile applications, websites, portals elearninowe, digital libraries, databases and knowledge repositories. We provide professional services in the area of ​​digitization and conversion, multi-channel distribution, long-term storage and protection of electronic publications. Our clients are companies from different industries, of different sizes, private companies, state-owned, public institutions, non-governmental, scientific and educational institute - we can help wherever they arise publications. Our priority is a thorough understanding and knowledge of the needs of our customers. Making full use of the potential of the resource contents of the customer is our ultimate goal. Thanks to the technologies and services INPINGO were designed based on proven and cost-effective strategy for digitization of publications our customers can safely be available: online, offline, on your computer, smartphone, e-reader, tablet, in a variety of business models and open access.


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