Use the knowledge of your employees, co-workers and customers.

At we made on-line tool available to help entrepreneurs to benefit from the knowledge of their employees, co-workers and customers.

Using inspido, the entrepreneur invites the chosen people to answer questions related to the functioning and development of the company and the products and services offered by it.

The functioning of inspido is a unique system of responding the questions. It consists of three stages.

This results in a variety of good solutions to the problem which the question contained. The solutions are categorized according to the most commonly proposed and according to best evaluated.

An important element of the system is to engage those responding into creative session brainstorming inspido.

Splitting the torque response from its evaluation, both by the questioner and the other corresponding also provides interesting solutions.

We motivate people corresponding with anonymity, competition, points for their commitment and creating a profile expert.

Participants can reside in different distant places and correspond at different time points.

The questioner may pay according to their respective commitment in responding based on the generated by the system list of people corresponding together with their points.

Examples of questions that you can ask employees or customers:

- Why is the number of orders falling?
- Why is the sale in the department decreasing?
- How to improve customer service?
- How to improve working conditions?
- What would you change at your workplace?
- How to improve the speed of supply?
- What to change in order to make access to our services more accessible?
- What don’t you like about the look of our store?

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