Optimal Systemic Management

We have found a unique niche in the business segment of business intelligence. The company was created from the very beginning to cooperate and solve the problems of the automotive industry. That's why we have created the OptiDealer Management System in cooperation with our car dealers. Product Key
OptiDealer's primary goal is to enable our customers to apply the "Know Your Data" rule. The new "standard" of our lives is the huge amount of information that is collected by all IT systems, while the effective use of information accumulated in the unprocessed form of decision-making surpasses human capabilities. OptiDealer is a tool for automating and optimizing the processing of huge amounts of information into real-time human-readable form. OptiDealer is a tool that is the key to unlocking data, while providing unique analysis.
Market research shows that there is currently no tool dedicated to the needs of car dealers that would solve the ultimate goal like OptiDealer. Data can only be read and checked with the same software that is currently used only for data collection. The two biggest and most important software are the different types of both DMS and accounting systems.
These tools are very valuable in their fields but lack the most important, integral and dynamic approach to presenting all the data in a readable and clear format to people who so much need such data.
The main advantages of OptiDealer are:
Dynamic panel that displays the most important key information and parameters needed to run a business.
"What-if" KPI analysis allows the user to see how the company will look if different decisions are made and how it will change the company's results and actions in the future.
Propagate trends, graphs, and KPI values ​​in the future, using the most advanced forecasting algorithms.
Global overview and analysis of information using linked data from all possible sources, including CEPIK, CSO, etc.
Comprehensive approach to all economic aspects, including the dependence and interaction of internal and external stakeholders.
Another important barrier is access to the best scientists who can and can develop a mathematical model for data forecasting and machine learning algorithms that will make the data analysis itself, while improving the accuracy of forecasts. IT Automotive is unique in this area because one of its founders has a personal relationship with the most respected and respected scientists with the largest DS / ML / AI professional community in Central and Eastern Europe.

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