reducing tinnitus

Kinetic Center of Advanced Audiology is a network of innovative and advanced audiology clinics, which specialize in an effective tinnitus treatment and its proper diagnosis. We also focus on hearing loss treatment, cognitive skills, depression therapy and acoustic trauma which led to damage of neurons in the auditory cortex. In 2014 in Warsaw, we opened our very first clinic. We have run many advanced research there during which we discovered the real causes of tinnitus in patients of different age groups and experiences. In 2015 in Bydgoszcz, we opened our second clinic, where we also provide the patients with the advanced technology we created.In 2016 in Szczecin and Hangzhou Branch - China we opend our another clinic. Among multitude of audiology clinics, ours were first to provide four complex tinnitus treatment technologies and that made us the world’s pioneer in an effective tinnitus treatment. In our clinics, you will find the rTMS transcranial simulator with Syneika neuronavigation device which is used in tinnitus treatment of enhanced synchronization group (40 % of all patients with tinnitus). Also, you will find a special therapy for tinnitus of spontaneous activity group (50 % of all patients with tinnitus). This therapy was created and patented by us, and it uses the process called Synaptic Adaptation Arc Therapy which is present in the nervous system. Moreover, we offer Acoustic Neuromodulation CR therapy for patients with tinnitus characterized by hyperactivity of the horizontal fibers in the auditory cortex (3 % of all patients with tinnitus). Additionally, we have a special neuromusical training prepared for patients with tinnitus caused by acoustic trauma (hyperactivity of the corpus callosum fibers).

In our Clinic we explored and are using technologies which can reduce tinnitus based on plasticity types in the nervous system. By far we have match four different technologies to four different plasticity models which are: enhanced synchronization,spontaneous activity, hiperactivity of horizontal fibers and hiperactivity of the corpus colossum fibers to which. For each we can easily fit the most effective therapy to reduce or remove tinnitus. One of those four therapies we invented and patented ourselves. Synaptic Adaptation Therapy (ARC) is for Patients with spontaneous activity and the therapy increases level of the plasticity protein Arg3.1.

Moreover, we introduce to our Patients revolutionary system which enables consultation, diagnosis and beginning of tinnitus treatment without leaving home. By choosing video consultation with a specialist, Patients will find which medical tests are required to select an appropriate technology of tinnitus reduction.

In our clinics we have also an access to the latest advanced technologies of hearing tests, such as high frequency audiometry test up to 20 kHz (used to examine activity range of inner and outer auditory cells), 3D Tympanometry (for advanced diagnostics of inner ear and the range of conducting frequencies by auditory ossicles), Otoacoustic emission and ABR (threshold, training, neurodiagnostics). Last two are used to examine structure of nervous system from ribbon synapses to lateral lemniscus (midbrain fibers concentration). Using ASSR technology, we are able to activity and eurhythmics of neuron oscillation in the auditory cortex. In our clinics you will find any medical test needed to answer all questions concerning tinnitus and the process of nervous system development in both adults and children. Additionally, we perform diagnostics of cognitive processes. Thanks to this system we can evaluate children’s memory from sensory memory, short-term audio-visual memory in relation to dynamics and independence of cerebral hemispheres. Due to diagnostics of cognitive skills based on individual parameters, we select speech processor or hearing aid technology. We aim at getting the best possible effects of auditory cortex regeneration after hearing loss.

We also perform the very first and advanced rehabilitation program of the nervous system after long-term hearing loss, selection and regulation of hearing aids and rehabilitation of speech recognition in noise for patients whose hearing aids haven’t brought any results. During hearing loss, we observe reorganization and loss of the big part of the auditory cortex which is filled with neurons. If hearing loss sustains for a longer time, neurons from the auditory cortex start to migrate to the visual cortex or they empower other sensory regions. The auditory cortex thereby looses neurons important and necessary in speech understanding. A patient who purchases a hearing aid in one of our clinics, will be provided with an additional, 6-month rehabilitation of neurons from the auditory cortex. Normally, it takes 10 000 hours of wearing a hearing aid to rebuild the structure of the auditory cortex. Musical and multisensory training shortens this time to around 5 000 hours. Brain Volts Laboratory of University in Northwestern proves in their studies the influence and effectiveness of implementing training to everyday hearing rehabilitation of children and adults.

Except hearing aid devices, our clinics provide patients with specialized program of rehabilitation and reconstruction of hearing region, which may last from 6 to 12 months. It consists of musical and multisensory traning.

Musical training is a program created exclusively for implant and prosthetic patients in order to improve their speech perception and speech recognition in noisy environment. Despite using technology of hearing aids and implants, a patient faces a problem of hearing speech in noise and among many interlocutors. Meeting patients’ needs, we created a special program, which is based on playing an instrument and practicing frequency discrimination. Somatosensory stimulation (fingers movement on a keyboard) and stimulation of the auditory cortex with diverged tonal combination of octaves, create a possibility of double stimulation of the auditory region. As a result, it leads to two-fold development of the auditory cortex.