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Here comes the revolution in the fashion world. Loko - a mobile fashion app - started 1st October and thanks to its functionalities and innovative algorithm that will change the way we buy clothes online.

According to Bloomberg research around 45% of the e-commerce stores traffic comes from mobile devices. The problem, however, lies in the fact that current available forms of browsing and buying on smartphones are not designed for these devices. Users often complain about such inconveniences as: endless product tabs, unintuitive filters or difficult process of purchasing on smartphone. What's more, when revisiting favourite store they must again and again click through dozens of clothes that they have already seen and which did not arouse their interest.

To simplify the process and at the same time organize it according to the individual preferences of each user - this was the challenge that Loko team have set itself.

Loko is the first social m-commerce. This means that, as in the well-known dating app, product cards are browsed by the motion of the thumb. You move to the left ones that did not convince you and to the right the ones that you like. At the same time, with no additional action, you create your own private wardrobe where you keep all the products you liked, would like to buy or receive information about discounts.

We have gone a step further. We decided to revive the app by backing it up with a social aspect. With the integration with the Facebook Messenger, each link to each item can be sent to friends, for example to ask them for their opinion. On each product’s card there is also information which of our friends have also liked this product. Finally we are not alone in the shop, even in the Internet!

We don’t want people to lose time to laboriously browse shops, we want them to play with fashion and share it with their friends. App is easy, clear and pleasant to use at the same time. We are convinced that Loko will give users instant access to fashion, for example while taking a bus or waiting in cafe for a meeting.

What distinguishes this application is a special algorithm developed in a close cooperation with data science partners based in Australia. In both stationary and online shops people lose a lot of time browsing things that they are not interested in, in Loko the algorithm adjusts the order of products to each individual user preferences. We wanted to take the full advantage from the potential of big data analysis. Each swipe is calculated in real-time and allows us to better understand user’s taste. Built-in algorithm benefits from the data and automatically adjust the order of products.

After a very successful launch in Poland, proven by the number of users and outstanding media coverage, Loko team decided on international expansion in Italy and Indonesia.


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