Mały Geniusz

3d printing

mały geniusz; creative education; female founders; kids education; innovative education

Our start-up is called Mały Geniusz (Eng. Little Genius), we are providing extraordinary services in the field of education. Our aim is to inspire kids and teenagers, discover talents and help young people find their passion in gaining knowledge. We show kids various disciplines which aren’t to be found in the basic school curriculum. We offer science laboratories, workshops in 3D print, mnemonics, chess, lessons in foreign languages and cultures such as eg. Chinese. We teach children such disciplines as first aid, economics, public speaking and photography.

The basic school curriculum lacks empirical studies; very often students are learning chemical experiments by heart without any possibility to try it on their own by means of experimenting and empirical observations. We want to change the landscape of Polish education and let children experiment and play in order to gain knowledge and abilities naturally.

We put our idea to life on our exceptional day-camps on summer and winter holidays, during the school year on extracurricular courses and events for kids.