OC and AC calculator - compare up to 76 offers and buy online OC insurance cheaper even at 517 PLN in 5 minutes!

The mfind project includes a free, best-in-class comparator / calculator for online motor insurance, real estate, health and travel insurance, which not only presents the cheapest deals but also allows the customer to choose the best policy option for him.

The mfind offer is addressed to the ordinary "Kowalski", who had previously bought insurance policies at stationary agents - much overpaying. He can be sure, that at mfind he will get not only a low price, but also an unprecedented standard of service and transparency of the contract. We help people, which is confirmed by nearly 100% positive feedback put on us at opineo.pl.

We are a racial insurance multi-client and earn a long-term relationship with our clients. This is a win-win arrangement. We find the offer best suited to customer's needs, and in return he receives the best price. What's important, we do not earn leads and do not pass on our customers' data further.