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Nanoceramics, Inc. is the spin-off company established in order to commercialize innovative technology developed by scientists from Institute of Low Temperature and Structural Research and University of Wroclaw. A mix of fresh ideas, creativity, enthusiasm and years of experience in both the scientific and business help us to create a unique team.
The low cost method of production of soft magnetic composites (FeBN) is based on the patented technology “Process of manufacturing of soft magnetic ceramic and its use” (WO2014120030 A1). Due to application of high temperature and high pressure iron grains become to be well separated by thin layer of boron nitride, forming the structure similar to that of core shell. Iron boron nitride nanoceramic (FeBN) is a material characterized by high saturation of magnetic flux and high electric resistivity. High resistivity considerably reduces the eddy currents which are critical problem for high frequency applications. The excellent magnetic and electric properties of FeBN nanoceramic make it very promising for applications especially at high and very high frequencies (up to microwaves). FeBN nanoceramic is focused on using in the high frequency applications as inductors, filters, high power transformers etc. Method of production of FeBN Power Inductors is on TRL7 level (technology was verified in the operational conditions) and we are able to further develop our technology.


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