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Our mission is to give every patient chance for a reliable and precise diagnostics and early cancer detection.

Every day over 22,000 people in the World die because of cancer. Early diagnostics often plays the key role in cancer therapy. Many patients can be cured if the tumor is detected on the early stage. That is why NanoThea is developing a novel effective and low cost tool for early diagnostics.

PET diagnostics today:
PET the most commonly used marker – FDG is small molecule ready to use immediately after preparation product. Cons of this solution is short life time, as half-time of decay for 18-F is only 109 min (need of transportation). Another issue is accumulation in some organs: signal from brain always strong due to glucose crossing Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB).
FDG dominated the market of PET markers and even though there are projects ongoing we still lack alternative solution which will be accessible for many.

Our solution is nanoparticle which can effectively bind various radioisotopes. It is composed of glucose polymer – so it can use the same trigger for accumulation in cancer cells as FDG but it will not cross BBB, making less false positive signals.
Nanoparticle can bind both diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotopes making theranostic tool. Another advantage of this way of binding radioisotope is combining PET with other diagnostic methods – MRI. Thanks to incorporation of Gadolinum and e.g. Lutetium we can make theranostics with MRI – for tracking the nanoparticle and Lutetium – therapeutical high energy radiation.
Finally, we can bind radioisotope next to the patient in the hospitals. Many radioisotopes can be stored in generators in every hospital without the need of cyclotron. In that way we can store ready-to-use kit in hospital that is stable for a year and use it when the patient needs diagnosis. No need of transportation will significantly lower costs.


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