NanoVelos a new approach to introducing drug - release control

NanoVelos is a biomedical start-up from the Warsaw University of Technology. Its idea was born and developed in Biomedical Engineering Laboratory. Our company concentrated on developing a unique drug delivery system made of polysaccharide nanoparticles dedicated to oncology. We are focused on creation of biodegradable, versatile anticancer drug carrier, with potential targeting properties. Carrier is formed by self-assembly with covalently attached drug, this allows controlled release depending on environment pH. The resulting system is characterized by improving targeting to tumor, safety and allowing the extension of the therapeutic window. We aim on development of innovative combinations of known anticancer drugs with polysaccharide nanoparticles. Our mission, as a company, is to reforge the idea of nanoparticles for cancer treatment into a product available for everyone. We believe that this product, due to it properties, will improve possibilities of cancer treatment and will give people a chance to avoid painful and unpleasant therapies side effects.

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