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Simple, innovative sales tool in the real estate industry, with which you can greatly increase the effectiveness of work. is a quick locating of real estate on your phone or tablet, preview the boundaries of plots in real time and function augmented reality - everything in one place! Bet on the rapid exchange of information between employees and excellent customer contact.

The results of Internet Research carried out in recent years, clearly indicate that polish real estate industry going to change. It is related to new generation of customers, so-called millennials (persons aged 18 - 34 years), characterized by a completely different approach to shopping than customers to which we have become accustomed. From companies and agents they primarily require fully engage in the relationships - availability at all times of the day and access to information on each device. Direct contacts, fast interaction, smooth operation, mobile services - the real estate industry is evolving in that direction.

To meet customer expectations we present Simple, innovative tool that makes easier locating properties in the area.

Basic function of app is navigation, leading both agents and clients to a property - also to plots. Ability to navigate to the particular plot is the most important convenience, because any nowadays available navigation tools don't offer it. Other car navigation tools leads to the property only by address. The application indicates the boundaries of parcels of land in real time. Moreover, in the test phase is an AR function, using the extended reality to presentation a property. The customer will be able to see where in the parcel he currently is. Only by using the camera in his phone! works as Software-as-a-Service model and it's accessible via the Internet. First you need to create an free account on, then you will be able to mark your points on the map. Thanks to quick sync every point marked on the map is visible in the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Developed additional features allow for faster transmission of information between the office and the client as well as positively affect communication in the company, greatly improving it.

What can you do with

Functions used internally in the company:
- Marking plots for sale on the map,
- Search plots after the number of offers or address,
- Administration of the exact location of the property,
- The ability to search for properties directly on the map,
- Faster access to the plot,
- Marking the boundaries of plots - view the actual field,
- Quick preview of all property,
- Watch the shape of the property,
- AR view in real time on the plot.

Functions that facilitate contact the company with other companies and customers:
- Viewing the plots without appointment in the office,
- Preview of locations of billboards,
- Preview of locations of other advertising services (banner, photos from a drone)
- Communication with subcontractors,
- Implementation of new employees (fast acquainted with the offer of real estate office)
- Rapid exchange of information between employees,
- Facilitate communication with customers,
- An indication of the property to the photos from a drone.

The biggest expense in the work of estate agents is the presentation of property in the area. Our app automatize this process and saves time and costs related with driving to a property i.e. costs of fuel and consumption of the car.

Observing the behavior of users and business partners - companies that currently using the application, we conclude that it has opportunities to solving other organisational problems that real estate agents have. In addition, the proposed business model is so versatile that can be successfully copied to other real estate markets in Europe.

To summarize, this innovative application is derived from need to solve the problem and gives companies that use it huge advantages. First, the work of agents can be more efficient and effective and second - the company may offer a better product or service to clients. also has an impact on policy of management employees. It makes employees have easier access to information and have a wider knowledge of the properties that they offer.


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